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About Michigan Nightlight

Michigan Nightlight is an online source of solutions, news and inspiration for those who are working to positively impact the lives of Michigan kids. Spotlighting what's working to improve outcomes for vulnerable children, Michigan Nightlight will also share the visions and viewpoints of our state's most effective nonprofit leaders.

Find Us Across Michigan
At the beginning of 2015, Michigan Nightlight shifted its platform to news outlets across the state of Michigan through a series of solutions-focused stories about the lives of Michigan kids. The Michigan Kids series is produced by Michigan Nightlight and is made possible with funding from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

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Read the stories in these publications:
Detroit: Model D
Grand Rapids: Rapid Growth
Ann Arbor: Concentrate
Lansing: Capital Gains
Kalamazoo & Battle Creek: Southwest Michigan Second Wave
Traverse City: Northwest Michigan Second Wave
Marquette and beyond: Upper Peninsula Second Wave
Suburban Detroit: Metromode

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Healthier Kids, Stronger Communities
In this video, Michigan Nightlight founders, supporters and editor talk about how we connected, conspired and launched Michigan Nightlight -- and why. We invite you to learn more about Michigan Nightlight's importance to the nonprofit community and the business community, especially when it comes to creating systemic change for Michigan's most vulnerable kids.  

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