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Michigan Kids

Students learn to appreciate Michigan waterways with Canoemobile

A program called Canoemobile brings canoes to urban areas across the country for hands-on learning experiences. More than 1,000 eighth graders in the Grand Rapids Public Schools head to the river to gain a new perspective of their city.
Michigan Kids

How this museum became one of Michigan's best spaces for kids with autism

The Grand Rapids Children's Museum has, for years, made sure that the space is a safe and friendly place for all children, including those who are on the autism spectrum. 
Michigan Kids

Keeping kids well fed in St. Clair County

St. Clair County students benefit from programs sending food home each week.  
Michigan Kids

Children's behavior problems may be trauma related

Understanding how trauma hurts children is the first step in rebuilding the trust it takes to heal them. 
Michigan Kids

Battle Creek takes lead in addressing childhood trauma

Battle Creek is building community, resolving conflict, and creating resiliency in its students who may have experienced repeated trauma.
Michigan Kids

Expanding awareness, care of childhood trauma in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo is coming together to see that more educators and others recognize childhood trauma and understand how to address it.
Michigan Kids

Can Detroit become a baby friendly city?

Detroit's babies are the city's future. That's why health systems, state and local governments, and citizen organizations are standing together to make Detroit the very best place to have a baby. 
Michigan Kids

Michigan Nightlight Voices: Inclusive inquiry through drama

In her role as the director of education at Matrix Theatre Company, Colleen Cartwright has seen numerous students of all ages go through the life-changing experience of creating a collaborative play in a safe space. 
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