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Michigan Kids

Outdoor jobs cultivate Detroit's next generation of environmental stewards

Greening of Detroit’s Green Corps employs Detroit high schoolers, ages 14 to 18, to keep the organization’s trees growing; it also fosters good environmental citizens.
Michigan Kids

Riding with GR Dirt Dawgs

Members of the GR Dirt Dawgs hit the trails to learn mountain biking, an appreciation for nature, and how to take care of local trails. From ages two to 15, the nonprofit is spreading the love of mountain biking to all ages.
Michigan Kids

Operation Fit teaches kids to move, play, and eat right

Kids were meant to move. When they do they behave better, learn better, and have fun along the way.
Michigan Kids

Mind-body connections: How Michigan experts treat childhood obesity

Obesity stems from the combination of too many calories eaten and too few burned, right? Not always. Michigan experts are realizing that for some children, tackling obesity means supporting strong mental health.
Michigan Kids

Building networks of support for Michigan children

Michigan's child-focused nonprofits are recognizing the value of collaboration to better support the kids they serve. With child and family health in mind, organizations are getting creative, with positive results.
Michigan Kids

Program surrounds Michigan school children with healthy living

During the last nine years, more than 260 elementary schools across Michigan have participated in Building Healthy Communities to reduce childhood obesity, prevent chronic health conditions, and improve academic achievement.
Michigan Kids

Mobile clinic brings health services to underserved residents

Three community partners are putting health care on wheels to bring essential screenings, basic services and referrals free-of-charge to hundreds of families and individuals in Greater Lansing neighborhoods.


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