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Michigan Kids

Teenpreneurs pursue passions without limitations

Being a teen might mean you can't do many things, like vote, join the military or rent a car. But you can start a business, and being a teen entrepreneur has advantages.
Michigan Kids

Program surrounds Michigan school children with healthy living

During the last nine years, more than 260 elementary schools across Michigan have participated in Building Healthy Communities to reduce childhood obesity, prevent chronic health conditions, and improve academic achievement.
Michigan Kids

Mind-body connections: How Michigan experts treat childhood obesity

Obesity stems from the combination of too many calories eaten and too few burned, right? Not always. Michigan experts are realizing that for some children, tackling obesity means supporting strong mental health.
Michigan Kids

Michigan Good Food Fund loan supports Corridor Sausage expansion

For our fourth article about businesses working to increase access to affordable, healthy food, we profiled Corridor Sausage, an artisan sausage producer based in Eastern Market that ethically sources its ingredients. 
Michigan Kids

VOICES: Life with the "Geek Disorder"

In this VOICES essay, sixth grader Nora Standish describes her experience with Asperger sydrome, shattering every stereotype about it and inviting you into her world.
Michigan Kids

Metro Detroit's colleges work to develop a culture of care for student mental health

With the goal of early detection and treatment, Metro Detroit schools, colleges, and foundations are working to raise awareness, erase stigma, and support every student struggling with these treatable disorders.
Michigan Kids

Single parents take the road to work and self-sufficiency

Goodwill Industries of Central Michigan’s Heartland is helping single parents find a way into the workplace with the skills they need to succeed.
Michigan Kids

Detroit teens lead their own artistic journeys

A part of Living Arts' curriculum for adolescents, the SPOT centers around the idea that teenagers thrive artistically when they are given time to wander creatively without the pressure of assignments.
Michigan Kids

VOICES: Why sit, listen, recall and repeat is inadequate

David Gamlin, vice president and program director for the Midnight Golf Program, believes that future success in life is based on communication, collaboration, and creativity—not memorizing the contents of a book. 
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