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Michigan Kids

Barriers to ending youth homelessness in Washtenaw County

Advocates are hard at work trying to assist the county's homeless youth, who number over 1,000. But barriers to success range from getting young people a government ID to lack of affordable housing.
Michigan Kids

3:11 Youth Housing connects vulnerable youth to services, safe housing

More than 2,000 young people are homeless in Kent County every night. Of those who can find a bed for the night, the following day may not be as dim. And for those who find 3:11 Youth Housing, there's a path toward opportunity, growth and change.
Michigan Kids

For curious learners: school to open in old public museum

The former Grand Rapids Public Museum is awakening from a long sleep. Next fall, ninth-grade students from the Grand Rapids Public Museum School will claim it as their high school.
Michigan Kids

Young nonprofit leaders bring change and energy (INCLUDES NEW VIDEO)

Meet three young nonprofit leaders whose work with young people and families is helping shape a better southwest Michigan.
Michigan Kids

Growing grades, plants, and goats

At Blended Learning Academies, at-risk youth are succeeding at school while developing social skills and tending to goats and gardens. 
Michigan Kids

A place to call home: Well House opens permanent housing for homeless youth

For young adults living on the streets, they will soon be able to access permanent housing. Well House, a Grand Rapids nonprofit, is opening a youth house for individuals ages 18 to 24, and the new space will give young adults the chance to build their lives.
Michigan Kids

Why you should care about cuts to the Farm Bill

If proposed cuts to the Farm Bill pass, it could have major implications for Detroiters and others around the state, especially those receiving SNAP benefits. 
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