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Michigan Kids

Why you should care about cuts to the Farm Bill

If proposed cuts to the Farm Bill pass, it could have major implications for Detroiters and others around the state, especially those receiving SNAP benefits. 
Michigan Kids

Baby friendly Grand Rapids

Young families are choosing Grand Rapids as the place to live. Nearly a third of Grand Rapids' households have children under 18. Read why and about the ongoing challenges for young families of color. 
Michigan Kids

Olivia Henry, under-30 leader at the Detroit Food Policy Council

Henry, 26, recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as youth programs coordinator for Detroit Food Policy Council. But she's been involved in public service her whole life.
Michigan Kids

How a 29-year-old teacher in Detroit uses math to address challenging subjects

As a ninth grade math teacher at an art and design school, Michael Payne knows what he's up against. But his relative youth allows him to connect with his students in ways other teachers might not. 
Michigan Kids

How good teachers are making a difference in multiethnic classrooms

American students are more racially and ethnically diverse than ever before. Thats why teachers in multiethnic communities are responding by developing more inclusive curriculums.
Michigan Kids

Empowerment and sustainability are issues that keep young leaders motivated

Three young nonprofit leaders whose work with young people and families is helping shape a better Southwest Michigan.
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